Creating tests has never been easier.

Just let ETG do all the work for you!
Free, open source and easy to use!
About the project

With ETG you can easily generate unique English tests within seconds. The program provides 3 different modules that are easy to use by anyone. We guarantee accurate definitions by a trustworthy online dictoinary. The project is currently under development and is expected to get improved over time.

Origin of the project

You may ask yourself why the project was created and how it will affect the current curriculum, which would be 2 valid questions. ETG - English Test Generator was developed with the intention to help teachers and students all around the world! It gives the students the option to prepare themselves for an upcoming test or just to practice what has been last learned, and for the teachers – a quick and easy way to create authentic tests. Using English Test Generator you can save valuable time by a few clicks. Compared to the traditional way of composing English tests / exercises, the process is completely automated. The project has been under development since the 1st of November 2017.

Who are we?

The team consists of 2 members - Simo Aleksandrov and Lyubo Lyubchev. Programming has been our passion since early ages. We like to spend our free time playing video games, editing videos, watching videos, learning new things, etc. We are both from Ruse, Bulgaria and study in MG "Baba Tonka" High School.

Lyubo Lyubchev

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Simo Aleksandrov

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Easily gather the definition of a certain word by typing it or using the built in speech recognition! Not sure how to pronounce a certain word? Just use the Text-To-Speech button!

Test Maker

The main purpose why this project was developed. It's as simple as entering the words which you wish to use, choosing a test type - example or definition based. Pick the final options, press the button, wait a few seconds and your test is done! 

Built-in Translator

With the built in translator, you can quickly translate any word or sentence from Bulgarian to English and vice-versa!

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